Sola Salons

Sola Salons was established in 2004 with the opening of the first-of-its-kind salon concept in Denver, Colorado. With over 600 locations today nationwide, Sola Salon Studios provides more than 18,000 salon professionals with premium, fully-equipped salon spaces to own and operate their individual boutique salons.
Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself
We are proud to empower experienced hairdressers, skincare professionals, nail technicians, massage therapists and other like-minded salon professionals to quickly and easily elevate their career.
Freedom To Live The Life You Love
Join a community of over 18,000 salon professionals across North America to experience a level of creative independence and career support you won’t find anywhere else.
Creating A Culture of Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity
At our core, we seek to inspire and celebrate the human spirit – we feel that every individual brings a unique experience and perspective to our abundant community. Since our inception in 2004, we have supported and nurtured relationships within our diverse community of salon professionals.
Our community is comprised of people who are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and age, as well as cultural backgrounds, experiences and ideas.
Embracing a diverse community drives a positive and inclusive environment at each and every Sola Salon Studios location. It is this diversity that creates, in large part, our culture of empowerment and success.