And Yoga

Why Yoga?

We believe in the power of yoga. The physical benefits: to get strong, to learn to trust your body, to do things with your body that you didn’t know were possible. The mental benefits: to practice being more present, to learn to quiet your mind, to start to watch your thought patterns. Yoga gives you better access to yourself.

Why &?

Yoga isn’t the only thing in our lives. Yoga isn’t the only thing in your life. We set out to uncover the source of happiness for each individual person and the only way we can do that is to love you as you are and give you the tools to become the person you want to become.

Our Mission

To uncover the very source of happiness for each individual person.


Core Values


Our job is to connect you – to Morgantown, to the other people doing things you want to do, to your happy spot, to yourself


We seek out adventures, big and small, to thoroughly enjoy life as much as possible


We provide an energizing environment that can fire you up to live your biggest life!


We are present with what is right here, right now. Connection, change, and happiness only happen in the present moment.


We create a safe space where you belong.